Hi everyone. Why did I start this site? Good question.  I started blogging about health and nutrition about 3 years ago, because there was to many things with modern-day living I didn’t agree with.

Anyway you may have noticed over the last half a century or longer that diseases, viruses, bacterial and fungal infections have got a little out of control. And I think why we suffer from so many diseases, viruses and infections is by miss information. Information over time that has been proven to be completely different.

Have you ever heard of that saying, “when you’re on a good thing stick to it”. We have evolved for over 250,000,000 years and the last 2.5 million years as hunters and gatherers. Over the last 100 years, new foods, like sugar, corn syrup, refined flour and hydrogenated oils have found their way into our cupboards, causing obesity, heart disease, learning problems and so on. Oh by the way, wheat isn’t new. It is mentioned in the bible. The difference with our wheat is it has gone through so many changes genetically,”chromosome wise”, that over 90% of us have diseases or reactions to it and we don’t even know it.

I am a little concerned about our nutritionists and health professionals. I think something may have to change soon so people don’t have to suffer the pain mentally and physically of going through an open heart by-pass operation. Maybe our health professionals could do with some re-education, so our health professionals are all on the same page. This change hopefully will reflect on the public and we all may be re-educated.

I am intrigued about LCHF,(low carb high fat). I think it has a lot to offer and in time will prove superior, that a low carbohydrate diet will be the only way we should live.

I am here to learn and re-educate myself, so I maybe able to pass some of the things I learn on to someone else who maybe prepared to learn from what is here. The benefit I hope to get out of this isn’t money, just knowing that this information can possibly save someone else s life.


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