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Paleo diet for modern living

What is this diet from our primal past? How did we come so far out of touch with our ancestral past. It takes anthropologists to study the bones and teeth to find out what we ate so we can understand our paleo diet a little better. The idea is to find out what we ate and change our modern agricultural diet and consume a diet that will improve our health and longevity. Roughly 10,000 years, is when we stopped foraging and began our early attempts at farming.

Most of the food we consume these days is nothing like we consumed over 10,000 years ago. A lot of the plant based food we consume today, we didn’t have back then. most of our modern versions was either inedible, or just made us sick.Paleo-approved-food-pyramid Before the agricultural age began our primary diet was meat based and was supplemented with some plant based foods such as nuts and oils. Foods prior to the agricultural age that we didn’t eat were foods like dairy, legumes and grains. There are remains of our ancestors dating back way before the agricultural age that showed the absence of cavities. It wasn’t till the agricultural age onwards that dental cavities became apparent.

Even though we ate meat we didn’t have a physical or genetic adaptation to meat.  We have many adaptation to plants. For instance, vitamin C, carnivores make their own vitamin C. Humans don’t. We are dependent upon plants to provide us with vitamin C and a host of other vitamins and nutrients. We have a much longer digestive system than carnivores, so we can digest the plant matter properly. isotopic values

Some bone chemistry studies were done that can determine what different animals and early humans ate and drank.  If you have a look at the isotope values above you can see that it depends where you lived in the world, your isotope values on the equator might be different to someone who lived in Europe. Notice early humans are up there with the carnivores. It is thought that some animals that had a plant based diet that had high isotope values may have resorted eating tree bark or similar when food was scarce.

It would be true to say is that food we ate, would be animals that was available or plant food that was in season. The paleo diet in Australia 20,000 years ago, would be very different to the paleo diet in the middle east, or northern Europe.

inflamatory foodsOur paleolithic ancestors still have a lot to teach us through our scientists. One thing I do know is our paleolithic ancestors didn’t  eat the sugary and processed foods that we have available to us today. If you want some Idea where to start. Do what I do when I go shopping and by-pass all the processed packed products and go straight to the fresh food section of the supermarket. Fresh is always best.

Meat and eggs should be grass fed and not grain fed. A grass fed free range chicken egg yoke is orange in color. A chicken that has been fed just grain will produce a yoke that is pale yellow in color. The meat that is grass fed has fat that is yellow. That’s why good butter is yellow. Have you noticed that fat on a grain fed meat is white. Have a look at the paleo approved pyramid? We were designed to eat whole fresh foods where possible. Early man didn’t have the option to be fussy. Most of the animal including the fat and organs were consumed.



What is the best diet.

Or what is the most effective diet.

The best way to find out what is the best diet, or should I say the most effective diet is have a look what diets have stood the test of time and are not a fad. Those are the ones you should be looking at closer.

Breham JCEM 2003;88(4);1617-1623In one (Brehm JCEM 2003;88(4);1617-1623) study, the participants were divided up into two groups. Low fat and low carb. At the start of the diet all participants started off with similar calories, in regards to fat, carbs and protein. After month 3 the low carb group started to pull away from the low-fat group. That is when the people started getting advice, the groups started to do well. As you can see, even though the low carb came out on top, the results in terms of weight-loss was overweight_05_06_fig2 a little more weight lost on the low carb, compared with the high carbohydrate diet.

I tried to get some evidence to show why it is important to eat the right type of food. The slide shows that obesity trends overall aren’t getting any better. Obesity in most cases can be completely reversed. Obesity is generally a condition where your body is secreting insulin to counter the sugar in the blood. What your body doesn’t burn is converted to fat in the liver. That is the fat that builds up around your chest and abdomen. To reverse obesity if you take away the thing that triggers an insulin response. That’s sugar or anything that converts to sugar. Once you do that you should start losing weight.

Gardner et al. JAMA 2007;297;969-77The four diets that Chris Gardner did a study on are Atkins, zone, Learn and Ornish diets. The retention rate at one year was 80%. You could split the groups in two, because you have Zone, Learn and Ornish are generally high carb diets and the Atkins diet is high protein, high fat and low carb.

At 1 year the people on the Ornish diet, the percentages of fat, protein and carbohydrate  was almost identical to the USDA guidelines.

On the low carb Atkins diet all of the participants risk profiles improved. Their cholesterol particle sizes improved and they lost significantly more weight compared to the high carb diets. At six months the low carb group carbohydrate intake almost doubled, because the participants were not coached anymore. Even though they consumed double the carbs they were suppose to, “the Atkins diet” was shown to be more superior.

Generally most people can’t stay on a high carbohydrate diet similar to the USDA guidelines, because what this does is breeds obesity. Trials like the one Chris Gardner did reinforces the act that a low carb diet is healthier by reduces the risk of insulin resistance and eventually obesity and the other diseases that come with it.

There is also a down side on consuming too much protein. If you eat more protein that your body can’t use, you can put more unnecessary load on your kidneys. At the same time if you are consuming too much protein, the excess can be converted back to sugar, which can elevate your insulin levels. Generally the kidneys are a very resilient organ. There maybe an instance where excess protein can accelerate kidney damage if you already have kidney disease.

Water is a non-caloric beverage. It is perfect to use water with food to reduce calories in meals. For instance when making soups, add a little more water which will reduce the calories. Water mixed with fresh lemons or limes make a healthy nutritious drink and is a good source of vitamin C. Consider reducing the high carb aspect of your meals. Try reducing or eliminating the sugars, grains and starchy foods.

Grains, starches are amongst the highest of all glycemic foods which are equal to or higher than sugar in the glycemic index.

We have evolved on this earth as hunters and gatherers to eat meat. Meat is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. Did you know consuming a low carbohydrate diet satisfies you more than consuming a high carbohydrate diet. That’s why “the Atkins diet” was so successful. It eliminated high carbohydrate food from it,




Karl Heinz Kastel magic


Hi folks, it’s not normally my style to add this to my blog. But, I grew up with this music and I love it.

I came across this music composed by Karl-Heinz Kastel on YouTube. This play list includes all the songs from the album, Hit guitar.

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